Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia

How to use this online study package


To listen to the help on this page click the play button in each section.


This learning package has voiced narration to guide you through it. You will need headphones or a loudspeaker to access the sound.

You can play audio by pressing the play button, and you can stop it at any time by pressing the stop button. If you don’t want to listen to the audio, but want to see the full contents of the page press the fast forward button which will take you to the end of the explanation.

When you come to a new page, the title of that page will be read aloud automatically. The ‘press PLAY ’ button will flash and once you press it, you can hear an explanation of what is happening on the page.

You can enlarge the text on sections of the screen by right-clicking on the mouse and then selecting ‘Zoom In’.

The main navigation bar contains a ‘Help’ button, which will bring you back to this page.

There is also a sitemap. The sitemap is like a contents table, and it gives you a link to every page in the package.

The ‘Next >> ’ button takes you to the next page and the ‘<< Previous’ button takes you to the page before.

You can print off the screens. However, we suggest you work in Internet Explorer as other browsers such as Firefox may cause problems. Set your printer to print in landscape format. In Internet Explorer go to ‘File’ in your browser window, then select ‘Page Setup...’, then ‘Landscape’, and press ‘Print’ on the menu bar of the page.

Problems with printing?


Some parts of the Reading Skills section can be worked on away from your computer.

You will need to print off the documents as prompted, and download the audioclips onto your MP3 player if you are using it.

Playing the audioclips

Internet Explorer sometimes plays audio links in Quicktime, and this means a full screen page. It works much better if Windows Media Player is selected as the audio player, because you can pop it up as a small toolbar (see diagram).

In Internet Explorer:

Go to Start menu on your PC
Go to ‘Set program access and defaults’
Select ‘Custom’ and then select ‘Windows Media Player’ as your default media player
Click on OK

Window Media Player can be minimised to form a small neat toolbar at the bottom of your screen by clicking the ‘switch to compact mode’ at the bottom right hand corner.

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