Organising Yourself

Your learning - Monitor your inner critic

Problem Situation Getting behind with work
Inner critic says I’ll never catch up – I can’t work fast enough.
Evidence for this It takes me ages to do the reading and I’m behind with my notes so it’s going to be difficult to write the assignments.
Evidence against this Last semester I got behind too. I organised the notes I’d done, and asked the tutor for advice. That helped, and because I focused on the main points, I did OK in my assignments.
Balanced view Things are often difficult for me at this stage in the semester. I need to organise what I’ve done so far, and go and see the tutor. If I focus on the main tasks, I should be able to get enough work done.
Future strategy I need to get into the reading earlier on and make sure my notes are up to date. I can make a slot in my timetable for catching up each week.


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